2023 Prices for Other Services than Gutter Replacement for Local Portland, Oregon Metro Area Homeowners

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Fascia Work

Roof Cleaning & Copper Ridge Caps

Awning & Soffit

Custom Design & Fabrication Work

Other Types of Service Pricing
Prices are per foot, including parts and labor.
Extra charges for hard installations or removal and disposal


Fascia Work
You can see examples of our prior work at:
DMR Gutters | Facebook

The aluminum metal cover option is less expensive than to hire a Painter to prep and paint fascia boards, looks smoother, matches the new gutters perfectly, lasts longer, and protects the boards from the elements better than a thin layer of paint. Additional cost if this requires a larger strip of metal for different custom cover or for the diagonal rake edge board covers.

$ 7 for pre-primed spruce 1X6 fascia boards installed w/screws
$ 8 for a thicker pre-primed spruce 5/4X6 fascia boards, or 1X6 cedar fascia boards
$ 9 for 5/4X6 cedar fascia boards, or a 2X6 Douglas Fir
$ 12 for the preferred 2X6 cedar fascia boards
  Many other options are available.

$ 2

extra charge for removal and disposal of your old fascia boards

$ 2

extra per linear foot for painting to match the house trim, before installation, weather permitting (includes the paint), or $0.50 less for using the client supplied paint.
$ 5 for pre-painted aluminum sheet metal cover formed to seal the lower half of a standard 1X6 fascia board, and wrap underneath, formed from a 4" wide strip. Attached behind the gutter when installed at the time of gutter replacement. This can even be installed over rafter tails without a fascia board.


for 20oz copper cover formed from a 6" wide strip.


Custom Aluminum or Copper Sheet Metal Work
$200 minimum order. We are not insured to do roofing work, so installation will need to be done by a Roofer who is properly insured, which may not be the case for many Contractors selling roofing work. You can see examples of our prior work at:
Roof Ridge caps: http://dmr-gutters.com/rf/moss.htm
Turret & Gazebo peak caps: http://copper-by-design.com/rc/

Chimney caps: http://copper-by-design.com/cc/

Alum: $1.50 to $2 per sq' for our custom to order roof flashing and ridge caps. Parts only for shipping out of State or DIY installs. Custom crate and freight charge not included.
 20oz copper: $12 to $20 sq'

24oz copper: $15 to $24 sq'

Depends on details and quantity
Copper flashing comes w/copper roofing nails or stainless steel screws as needed. Contact us to work out the details and cost. Here is the aluminum color selection available.

Copper ridge caps adds moss control and a better sealed cover for the top ridge of your roof, which is your only option with copper gutters. It also can be used over hidden ridge vent. A 10% discount for the copper ridge caps with gutter replacement.
See Moss Control web page.
$30 to $80
per pound

depending on complexity
Custom design chimney caps and roof caps for a turret or gazebo, with or without decorative weathervane/finial mounts, cupolas, roof vents, fire pit covers, mantles, counter tops, range hoods, water features, or mail boxes to mention a few of the unique projects I have worked on. Made with 20oz to 48oz copper. Not the thinner 16oz copper used by most shops.

See our Copper By Design web site
for different designs and details.
$8 per brick for rebuilding chimneys above the roof line with standard new bricks. copper flashing is extra.


Roof Cleaning and Treating Work
Based on a 10' square area of roof

If you are fortunate to be living here in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, we will be happy to assist you with your needs to clean off the moss build-up of your roof, doing it the right way to not cause more harm that good. Go to our Moss Control web page to learn more, and even read how to do it yourself.

A square of roofing is 100 foot sections, or a 10' x 10' area. These prices are based on a small 10 square house roof of a low slope composite asphalt shingles. The cost also varies due to the complexities and safety issues to access all the areas of your roof.

It is not uncommon for a small house to have around 10 squares of roofing surface, or 1,000 square feet. This is different than the floor space in a house. For a rough idea of the cost, if you happen to know the roofing surface size, you can calculate the cost by your roof squares.

(a) $800 to do a simple scrape and clean up; removing the bulk of the moss, which is around 70 to 80%, which includes a gutter cleaning.

(b) $2,000 to do a simple scrape and clean up; removing around 70 to 80% of the debris, and install an 18” wide custom 20oz copper roof ridge cap 30' long. Keep in mind that this should be the last time it needs to be done, and the copper ridge cap is removable to be reused after a new roofing is installed, so it should be a one time investment.

(c) $1,600 to carefully scrape the moss off, removing around 95% of the moss build-up, with clean-up, including the gutters (takes over twice as long to do)

(d) $3,000 for a 95% scrape and install an 18” wide custom copper ridge cap 30' long.

(e) $1,800 for just an installed 18” wide custom 20oz copper roof ridge cap 30' long, w/wood support, but no roof cleaning needed.

(f) $2,400 for just an installed 24” wide custom 24oz copper roof ridge cap 30' long, w/wood support, but no roof cleaning needed.

Many other options are available, but this is to help give you an idea of the general costs involved. These copper ridge caps can be mounted on roof hips as well, and be supported underneath with boards for more impact resistance. These can also be made to function as a hidden ridge vent.


Awning & Soffit Work

$ 15 sq'

$ 9 ln'
for 10mm thick twin wall polycarbonate plastic awning cover with 2X2 clear cedar on top to hold it in place, stainless steel deck screws, and aluminum covers (Comes in clear, bronze tint, and translucent white. Additional charges for building roof braces for mounting the cover onto,  flashing, and or painting to match)

for 20oz copper covers for the 2X2 boards for mildew prevention
$ 10 sq'

$ 30 sq'
for vinyl or tung oil treated 1/4" hardwood plywood soffit (additional charges for building braces for mounting the soffit,  installing vent patches, and or painting to match)

for a better tung oil treated clear cedar tounge & grove soffit with stainless steel screen vent slot.


Other Helpful Roofing Information
For some valuable advice with regards to roofing and rain management issues check out our:

(a) Gutter Installation
(b) Gutter Debris Protection Options
(c) Roofing Quality Standards
(d) Chimney Flashing

(e) Moss Control & Treatment

web pages for answers and solutions that could save you thousands of $ and a great deal of anguish.

If you do find this information very helpful, feel free to send us a $ tip for the assistance we so freely have published on the web here for your benefit, like you might tip a waitress.  Heck, send us a gift certificate for a candle lit dinner for two. <LOL>


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