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Braner 65 A Gutter Franchise 28 Lewis 324 A Munroe 69 A Traina 96 A
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Adams JB Enterprises Gutter Machine page 1
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Gamenara   Gutter Machine page 5

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Bennett XXXXXX (name withheld)  Kistler #7 , #8 Raymos Tice
Buck Holbrook Lenio & Lenio2 Skinner Viges
Burles Kistler page #1 , #2 Lesh Stevenson Wight
Hill Kistler page #3 ,  #4 Masood Tara North Wright
  Kistler page #5 , #6     Yocum



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Some of our Competitor's Web Sites (in alphabetical order)
Caution: you should read over our No-clog Gutter Comparison first to get a better perspective of their unrealistic claims.

Each gutter cover listed here seems quite clever with some impressive marketing. Keep in mind how even if they did work as promised, they are all way too expensive to be practical. Sadly, most of them have not shown to work long term, but you'd be hard-pressed to ever get a refund. Many of them are even so badly designed that they are not worth installing if those parts were free, because of their quick failure rate. Some even had a 100% failure within the first year, even in areas with no tree fall-out.
ABC Supply (503) 605-0522 A. B. Raingutters, Inc. Gutter Grate® Gutter Wizard® Old World Distributors®
Alaskan Copper, OR Amer. Gutter Filter® Gutter Gardian® K-Guard® Ornametal®
Custom-bilt Metals, OR Classic Gutter Systems Gutter Helmet® LeafAway® RainChains.com
Good Directions, CT Copper Gutter Shop® Gutter Love It® Leaf Defier® Rain Chains Direct®
Hanson Rivet, CA DCI Flo-free® GutterMate® Leaf Filter® Rain Mover®
Interstate, MN  Diamondback GutterMaxx® Leaf Guard® Rhino Gutter Guard
Lamb & Ritchie, MA eGutters® Gutter Monster® Leaf Off® Rutland Gutter Supply®
Lansing Building Prod., OR Gutta Gard Gutter Pro Tech® Leafproof® Sentinal
Pacific Putty, OR Gutter-Bolt® Gutter Stuff® Leaf Relief® Spout Off
Petit Tools, CT Gutter Brush® Gutter Shutter® Leaf Shelter® Steelco®
Viking Bolt, OR Gutter Cap® Gutter Solutions® Leaf Slugger® Swistun®
Tools: 103 pics Gutter Care® Gutter Supply® Leaf Solution® The Water Fall®
Makita, Milwaukee Gutter Foam® Gutter Topper® Mastershield® Water~Flo Gutter Liner
Malco, Bosch Gutter Glove® GutterWarrior® Premier Gutter Cover® Waterloov®
New Tech Machinery

If cost is no object; we also know a nice Russian man who happens to live near us in Vancouver, WA who clearly is a top Coppersmith artisan of decorative rain management seen at: http://artofrain.com/ . His work is very expensive, but you will see why. He has no prices on his web site, but I have heard that his downspout creation begin at $1,000 each plus shipping and then to have it installed.

Tapco, Snap-on


This may be a bit off topic, but I have a question for you to consider: why has pneumatic motors for cars been suppressed for nearly a century now, when it beats the pants off hydrogen or eclectic cars? This is just pressurized air driven motors, which is not a new tech at all. They now make 5k PSI tanks with carbon fiber for better safety that can provide a 200 mile range per fill, has no pollution, or risk of a violent fiery explosion if in a serious collision, and far less hazardous land fill issues than old batteries, as well as a fraction of the weight of the energy source and motor. No expensive processing of the fuel, which can be set up at any fueling station for a fraction of the cost to recharge a tank in just a few minutes.


There is also the issue of safety bumpers that have been intentionally withheld for the last century+, which has resulted in the cause of countless injuries and millions of cars unnecessarily totaled: http://dmr-gutters.com/history.htm#1969

Please write to your Congressman and tell them about this.

Oregon's Construction Contractors Board (CCB) Phone: 503-378-4621 Fax: 503-373-2007
700 Summer St. NE, Suite 300, PO Box 14140, Salem, OR 97309-5052
http://www.copper.org/ - Top resource for unbiased professional advice about copper sheet metal work.
Gutters - a good resource for professional advice. This site offers an Insider's Guide to Gutters, Complete Learning Center, Discussion Board, and much more.
Seamless Gutters - another good resource for professional advice.
rainwaterhub.com has some good ideas for rain water harvesting that's more comprehensive than just a few rain barrels

Metal Prices - Metal prices - Get the latest recycling news, prices and information for the scrap industry worldwide. ScrapMonster.com connects buyers and sellers of both local and global markets for safe and profitable business transactions.



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