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This is the shorter version to get right to the points you need to know.

I charge $6 a linear foot for new continuous aluminum gutter and downspouts instaled. Although, it cost more like $10 to $12 ln' for removing your old gutters, aluminum gutters, and screens. If there is complication for installation that would add to the cost, but it is not likely to be over $20 ln' with everythng we have to offer, including drip edge roof flashing and a 15 year no-clog warranty.

My thicker 20oz copper gutter system run $20 ln' for the basics, up to $36 ln' with all the bells and whistles, which in most cases is still less than Leaf Guard's aluminum gutters with a 1/3 shorter warranty than mine.

My Work Schedule:
I am booked around a year out with jobs already, so you would need to be very patient. I do the work by myself, so I am not able to crack out several gutter jobs a day, like other larger contractors. It will take me a couple weeks to do what they can do in a day with just 2 or 3 person crew.

Low Maintenance & No-clog Gutter Options:

Gutter Covers:
Beyond the many advantages we offer for standard gutter replacement we also offer No-clog options that not only work better long term than our competition, but are more cost efficient than most any other devices you may have seen.  I have lots of proof of this, but sheer logic is my best weapon. You should keep in mind that window screen is way too fine of a weave to be practical as a gutter cover. It may keep out more of the smaller debris, but it will wind up keeping the rain water out of your gutters as well before long. It is just too fine and will become caked with debris, which will cause the rain water to cascade over the outside edge of your gutters. In that case you might as well just remove your gutter system all together. Any gutter cover with that fine of a straining is not worth installing, let along the outrageous cost they want for those flawed products.

Gutter covers need large holes and lots of surface surface area to allow the rain water to sift into the gutters, before dropping off the outer edge. It will still keep out the larger debris like branches, pine cones, large leaves and toys, which would clog a gutter quickly. There will still be small debris getting through, which is why the larger outlets are so important. Your gutters could be as large as a bath tub, but if the outlets are still the same small size they would clog and fail just as quickly.


The metal screens I use have twice the open area than plastic screens and last longer under the UV rays of the Sun. It is true that these will not keep out all the smaller debris and you'll have moss globs growing inside your gutters over time if you are truly able to leave them alone, but that's where the larger outlets and the Leaf-catchers I make come in to form a good functional and practical rain management system at a reasonable cost.

As you may have become aware of by now those costly metal hood gutter covers fail in short order. If any debris gets trapped in that small groove the water is suppose to use to get into the gutter that rain water will simply cascade over the outside of the gutter. Many of these companies pushing these covers will adamantly claim they will guarantee the gutters will not clog, but they will never guarantee the gutters will continue to accept water. They also create a perfect dark moist breeding ground for moss and become filled with large moss globs that will keep rain water from passing sideways to the outlets, or even to enter the gutter.

One of the worst details is how their metal covers cost more than our copper gutters and screens. I believe a gutter cover no matter how good it could possibly work should never cost more than a new aluminum gutter, or it is impractical, no matter how well it could work. The worst part is how pretty much all of them are a scam at any cost and they know it. Not that you'll ever get them to admit it, Trust me, I've argued on the phone and on-line groups with their sales reps for hours trying to get me to sell their faulty product. They clearly have no conscience.

You can read more on this subject on our Gutter Covers Comparison web page:

Larger Outlets:
Remarkably most Homeowners do not realize the single best advantage to any gutter system is the size of their outlets, but you do not need an industrial size downspout running down your wall. If you had a bigger gutter with the same size outlets that would only mean you now have 5 minutes in stead of just 3 minutes in a heavy down pour before the gutter over flows after the outlet clogs yet again, which as you should know is the most common cause for gutter failure.

That's why
Leaf Guard hinges their warranty on the use of the 2X larger industrial size downspouts, which I also use, but with a less expensive detail that looks better. It is best to have a strainer down low where it can be easily accessed w/o a ladder. Strainers up in the gutter are death to gutters. A strainer up in the gutter is the opposite of a larger outlet. My aim is to make a gutter system that will continue to function w/o having to get up on the roof in the worst of weather, when you finally notice you have a problem. Although the larger DSP is not needed for the vertical drop, so I install these reducers up high to minimize the looks and cost.

You can read more on this subject on our No-clog Options web page:
We designed and make our own downspout strainers with a much stronger stainless steel screen in them than any other gutter system strainer we've seen on the market. We have been using them on most gutter replacement we've done over the last 2 decades, and modified it's design several times making improvements to the look and function over the many years of client tested results.

These are a $50 option per downspout made in aluminum w/stainless steel screen. Or a $70 option made with 20oz copper w/stainless steel screen. That a good value compared to paying Roto-Rooter $75 to $100 an hour to clear out your storm drain system.

These strainers are our most popular feature of our work and the main reason clients hire us to replace and improve their rain management system. it is rare we have had Homeowners not want this feature.

These Leaf-catchers are not needed if you do not have an underground storm-drain system. Although, if that's the case you are better off without gutters on your house and just let the rain water dribble off your roof along the bottom edges. If you have gutters it is imperative how that rain water is effectively carried away from your foundation whether you have a basement or not, or they are doing more harm than having no gutters at all.

You can read more on this subject on our No-clog Options web page:





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